花茶美 Hana-Cha-Bi



About the Hana-Cha-Bi project and filming

My thanks to you for watching this Fall version of Hana-Cha-Bi. Did you enjoy the world of Chanoyu?

The typical sunken-hearth-season chanoyu (formal gathering at noon), held between November and April goes from registration, to sitting, to greetings, to the first charcoal procedure, to the kaiseki meal, to the sweets, to the middle break, to thick tea, to the final charcoal procecdure, to thin tea, to leaving, taking four hours in all to complete.

If this Hana-Cha-Bi was your first time experiencing chanoyu, I’m sure you had many questions. “What are they doing?” “Why don’t they speak?” “What does that gesture mean?” Even for those who know chanoyu well might have wondered “why did they skip the thick tea?” “What about the explanation of utensils?” “Why the different format?” and other questions.

This project was to create a video with Japanese and English subtitles, and English narration in order to allow people here in Japan and abroad experience the traditional Japanese art of the chanoyu tea ceremony. At the request of the creators who helped make this video, we kept the subtitles and explanation to a minimum, explaining little about the structure of the tea ceremony I mentioned above. This was very difficult for me, a person who has dedicated their life to transmitting the proper etiquette of the tea ceremony and explaining its every aspect. At least, I thought, we could explain the order of the ceremony! But like the creators had said, I found there is a depth of experiencing the world of chanoyu that only the visuals can transmit, without words and explanations getting in the way.
The most important thing is that you are able to experience the tea without getting caught up in the form and manners. That is the spirit in which I served this tea to you. I believe the video shows that most important part of the tea ceremony, where host and guest greet each other with hospitality in their hearts.

My deepest thanks to the Agency of Cultural Affairs for their support, to video creator and editor Murayama, cameramen Akashi, Hayashi, Komoriya, and Nakagawa, producer Masuda, translator and narrator Alex, calligrapher Kobayash, all those appearing in the video, and everyone else who helped make this project a reality.

As we made this video during 2020 and 2021 In the midst of the pandemic, our available shooting time was limited. I regret we were unable to film the main event of the ceremony: the drinking of thick tea. But this way there’s something to look forward to in the next video! I serve this tea that I love so much to you in hopes of deepening your understanding of and affection for Japanese traditional culture.


 〜Hana-Cha-Bi 撮影を終えて〜 








Souten Kuwahara – Profile

Souten Kuwahara

- Tea Ceremony Cultural Society
- International Traditional Arts Research Society

- BS Asahi Teiban TV
- BS TV-Tokyo “Nikkei Time Off for Grownups”
- Served traditional tea for Aung San Suu Kyi (Standing-style ceremony) 8/10/2018 at an exhibition for the promotion of Myanmar silk. (Produced by the ASEAN-Japan Center)

[Events, Workshops]
- Tea Ambassador Contest Event 9/27/2018
Master Ambassador (Tea Association of Japan)
- Tea Ceremony Workshop for employees of the Tom Ford Co. (and multiple others)


東京都出身 芸術学博士



著書『利休の茶の花』思文閣出版 2016年
執筆『茶室露地大事典』淡交社 2018年


■BS朝日 テイバン.tv
■BSテレ東 日経おとなのOFF
■アウン・サン・スー・チー氏を日本の伝統文化茶道でおもてなし(立礼式お点前) 2018.10.08
ミャンマーシルク振興イベントExhibitionにて 主催:国際機関日本アセアンセンター

■Tea Ambassadorコンテストイベント 2018.09.27
お茶協会公認 Master Ambassador(Tea Association of Japan)
■Tom Ford社 社員研修茶会